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Date: Fri 02/5/10 8:19PM
From: Henry Allen

Message: My father, Lt.jg Henry S. Allen Jr. was the first commanding officer of LCI 1091. For an article in Military History magazine, I'm looking for anyone who served with him.

Date: Sat 01/30/10 12:18AM
From: Victor Bagnall

Message: Hi, My dad was the Commanding Officer on LCI 514 during the first wave of Normandy and the the Invasion of Southern France. He passed away on January 27, 2010. He was very proud of his ship and crew and it was an important part of his life. I would love to hear from anyone else who served on LCI 514.

Date: Wed 01/27/10 1:38PM
From: beth golemon

Message: Hi, my father , Carl Kohorst served on the LCI 621 in the Pacific campaign. He has all of the places his ship was during that period. He also has a picture of his ship. He would love to hear from any LCI member or have any info on his beloved LCI.
Thanks and God Bless you all

Date: Fri 01/22/10 1:04PM
From: Marion Litman

Message: Served aboard USS LCI(G)407 Flotilla 13 in Pacific.Brief history in the "Landing Craft Volume two. Wondering if any fellow crewmen ar still with us.Retired and living in Florida. Would like to hear from any one out their. Still have fond memories of time spent in the Navy. Remember That man travels the world in search of what he hopes to find and Returns Home to find it. God Bless.. Your Friend, M.F.Litman S/M Submitted this day 1/22/10

Date: Fri 01/8/10 7:42PM
From: Olan D. Kimler

Message: I served on LCI12 and am interested in learning anything about its history and if any of the crew are in contact with this website. After we were decomissioned, we departed from Glasgow, Scotland to return to U.S. in Boston, Mass. Sincerely; Chief MOMM Olan D. Kimler

Date: Sat 01/2/10 12:17PM
From: charles Mckinney

Message: My father James Mckinney was on LST 281 stuck on camel-green beach,Aug. 15 1944 during Southern France Invasion. 88's were shelling them when a brave LCI attempted to approach and tow them off. 88's fired on them, chased them back out into the bay. This brave action disrupted the attack on LST281 and helped save them. Would like to Know which LCI helped.
THANK'S GUYS. Charles Mckinney

Date: Fri 01/1/10 4:25PM
From: Cathy Incandela

Message: My father, Joe Incandela, was an S1 on the USS LCI(G) 567 in WWII. I would love to know if any of his shipmates are still alive and have photos. Unfortunately the photo book he had was lost when our basement was flooded. I have a few pictures but would love more and would also love to get in touch with anyone who knew him. He passed away in 1993.

Date: Fri 01/1/10 10:30AM
From: MIke

Message: I am looking for any surviving crew members from LCI(L)960 who served with my grandfather Ed Guzinski in the South Pacific

Date: Thu 12/17/09 9:04PM
From: Dominick C Maurone

Message: This is the first time I am sending a message in the guestbook since I changed my E-mail address and the changing of the format of the web page.

I was stationed on the LCI(G)440 from 1943 to 1945 from the Marshall Island, Marian Islands, Phillipines and Okinawa.

If anyone knows of any person that served on the 440 and wants to exchange information please feel free to email me.

There is a picture of me and a short story about the 440 on the link called stories on this web page.

I still have contact with a couple of shipmates from the 440.There is not to many of us left.

Date: Tue 12/1/09 7:36PM
From: Rex J. Weinheimer

Message: LCI(L) 1018

Six (x6) Photographs: Christening (x2); Launch (x1); Crew (x2); Mindoro Landing (x1)

Courtesy: Charles "Chuck" Kellogg, Jr. of Portland, Oregon /LCI1018/LCI1018.html

In "Crew Photo" on lower right of the above webpage; photo taken on October 13, 1945 at the "Club Del Rio", San Pedro, California, find my father LTJG Thomas W. "Tom" Weinheimer, seated left-front 1st-chair, then find (believed to be?) LTJG James "Jim" Curry, seated right-front 1st-chair, unfortunately I have no IDs on the others in the photos.

Best regards,

Rex J. Weinheimer
Stonewall, Texas
(830) 644-2231

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