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Date: Fri 10/2/09 3:24PM
From: Vaughn Hampton

Message: I have my Boot Camp picture of San Diego Company 43-363 taken when we graduated from Boot Camp about 30 August 1943.
If any happen to read this, send me an email and I'll send you a copy of our Company.
We're a sorry looking bunch of Boots but our hats are squared off and our Kerchiefs are all regulation depth.

Date: Thu 10/1/09 3:17PM
From: John Jensen

Message: I am a historian and archaeologist and on Monday I completed an inspection of the former LCI L 653. The ship is in extremely bad condition and is slated to be disposed of in deep water off Alaska. A sad but necessary end to a long career in the navy and in civilian service. Given the ship's historic status, I am hoping to preserve any stories or other information about the vessel and would be interested in hearing from anyone who has information, stories, photographs, or objects.

Thank you!

John Jensen

Date: Wed 09/30/09 9:30PM
From: Ross Nichols

Message: My father served on LCI 95 in the Pacific during WW II. He lives in Michigan at this time. His name is William Nichols. I know that he was in Japan shortly after the bomb was dropped. If anyone out there knows someone who also served onboard during this time would be greatly appreciated.

SGT. Ross Nichols MIARNG

Date: Mon 09/28/09 5:59PM
From: Diane

Message: My Uncle died April 2008. He was LT LA West on the LCI 754 during WWII in the pacific. He only spoke of the war once to me and I recorded it.Last weekend I went through three boxes of his and found a photo album he kept during the war. He received a Bronze star with a V for valor. I also fond a stack of letters he wrote to my Aunt. If anyone served with him or knows of others who did, please contact me.

Date: Thu 09/24/09 3:18PM
From: Robert Morrissey

Message: Aloha,

I am interested in any information on LCI-804.

Thank you,


Date: Wed 09/23/09 1:22AM
From: Jeff Burton

Message: My grand dad was Clyde Burton who served on the LCI 462 in the Pacific Theater. Any shipmates or pictures would be treasured. He has been gone six years.

Date: Tue 09/22/09 10:42AM
From: kevin clarke

Message: I have a house just off Utah Beach in Normandy and I recently found a paddle in the attic belonging to LCI(L)93. This lead me to investigate the story of this craft and its operations on Omaha Beach on D Day. I feel proud to own a small piece of history.

Date: Wed 09/16/09 10:00PM
From: Isabel Jackson

Message: My Uncle, Robert Moore served in the Navy from Sept 1943 to Dec 1945. He was Quarter Master 3rd Class aboard the LCI 977. Bob is now deceased, but I have a picture of his entire crew of 31 sailors with no names. Does anyone know of anyone who sailed with him on the LCI 977 in the Pacific?

Date: Wed 09/9/09 10:53PM
From: Gene Benfield Jr.

Message: My dad, Everette Eugene Benfield, now deceased, served on the LCI(L)-1075 during WWII according to his separation papers. I am trying to find any info about this ship, pictures, list of men on it, etc. I found some info on NavSource Online: Amphibious Photo Archive and I looked at past issues from your newsletters for this particular ship, but I couldn't find any more info. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Date: Tue 09/1/09 12:48PM
From: SCOTT. H

Message: I aquired an old navy knife and carved on the sheath is the initials J.W.S USNR. Also on the sheath is the ships name USS LCI(L)739. Any history on this ship would be much appreciated, Your site was great helping me find out what type of ship it was. would like to know the histoty of the 739 itself. Any info would be much appreciated.

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