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Date: Fri 01/1/10 10:30AM
From: MIke

Message: I am looking for any surviving crew members from LCI(L)960 who served with my grandfather Ed Guzinski in the South Pacific

Date: Thu 12/17/09 9:04PM
From: Dominick C Maurone

Message: This is the first time I am sending a message in the guestbook since I changed my E-mail address and the changing of the format of the web page.

I was stationed on the LCI(G)440 from 1943 to 1945 from the Marshall Island, Marian Islands, Phillipines and Okinawa.

If anyone knows of any person that served on the 440 and wants to exchange information please feel free to email me.

There is a picture of me and a short story about the 440 on the link called stories on this web page.

I still have contact with a couple of shipmates from the 440.There is not to many of us left.

Date: Tue 12/1/09 7:36PM
From: Rex J. Weinheimer

Message: LCI(L) 1018

Six (x6) Photographs: Christening (x2); Launch (x1); Crew (x2); Mindoro Landing (x1)

Courtesy: Charles "Chuck" Kellogg, Jr. of Portland, Oregon /LCI1018/LCI1018.html

In "Crew Photo" on lower right of the above webpage; photo taken on October 13, 1945 at the "Club Del Rio", San Pedro, California, find my father LTJG Thomas W. "Tom" Weinheimer, seated left-front 1st-chair, then find (believed to be?) LTJG James "Jim" Curry, seated right-front 1st-chair, unfortunately I have no IDs on the others in the photos.

Best regards,

Rex J. Weinheimer
Stonewall, Texas
(830) 644-2231

Date: Tue 12/1/09 5:29PM
From: Rex J. Weinheimer

Message: LCI(L) 1018

My father LTJG Thomas W. "Tom" Weinheimer (b. 22 Oct 1920, d. 17 Dec 2005) of Stonewall, Texas served aboard the USS LCI(L)-1018 - Hull No. 168 - BUILT: Albina Engine & Machine Works, Portland, Oregon - Launched: March 21, 1944.

Operations noted: Leyte Landings, 19-29 November 1944; Luzon Landings, 12-18 February 1945; Visayan Island Landings, 18 March - 1 April 1945.

My father told me he and the crew were returning stateside with the vessel to be refitted as a rocket launcher for the invasion of Japan when the Japanese surrendered on August 15, 1945, VJ Day. The crew was not disappointed.

I have a photo of part of the crew (2 officers - 10 enlisted) seated at a table at Club Del Rio, San Pedro, California dated October 13, 1945, indeed, a celebration of freedom. The officers are LTJG Thomas Weinheimer and LTJG Jim Curry, unfortunately I do not know the identities of the sailors.

I am sincerely interested in acquiring any photos or memorabilia from LCI(L)-1018 or her crew.

I would be happy to compare notes with any interested historians of LCI(L)-1018.

Thank you for providing the forum and "Tally Ho"!

Rex J. Weinheimer
Stonewall, Texas
(830) 644-2231

Date: Thu 11/26/09 5:01PM
From: Ron Serabia

Message: My father Joseph Serabia served as a Fireman 3rd class in the engine room during WW-II on the LSI(M)673 from 1945 until the end of the wear in 1946. He said the ship was later scraped after coming back in San Diego. He is looking for photos or any crew members who may have served with him.

Thanks to all who served,
Ron Serabia

Date: Tue 11/24/09 8:52AM
From: Kevin Wilson

Message: My father John Wilson of Ohio served on LCI (M) 588 in the Pacific theater 1945. I'm asking for anyones help regarding this ship or it's crew members. Thank you and God Bless.

Date: Sun 11/22/09 5:07PM
From: Clark Cable

Message: Iam looking for pictures and infomation on LCIg 68 My grandfather John D Walker served on there in 1943 he passed in 1989 away

MasterChief Clark Cable

Date: Sun 11/22/09 9:05AM
From: Jean Groters-Peck

Message: I am looking for information on my Father's Marvin Groters Sr. military service onboard the LCI(G)34 and the LCI(L)227. My Father never talked about his service and I never pushed it. Now he is gone and I have his military records from the military. He served from 1-11-44 to 4-23-46. It listed his medals as American Area Campaign Medal, Asiatic Pacific Area Campaign Medal(2 bronze stars), Philipine Liberation Ribbon(2 bronze stars). If anyone knows anything about my Father or the vessels that are listed above please contact me at the email I have included. Anything would be greatly appreciated. I found a picture of him with a friend but no names were on it. It was taken on a dock with the ocean in the background and they were in work clothes having a cigarette. Thanks for any help anyone can give me..

Date: Wed 11/18/09 11:44AM
From: AW Knaps, Jr.

Message: My cousin S1C Leon Andrew Giardina was supposed to have been killed Feb 17, 1945 on the USS LC1(G) 474, but I do not see him listed with the others. Can someone help me with this? Thanks, AW Knaps, Jr.

Date: Tue 11/17/09 8:19PM
From: Alan Hebert

Message: Hello, my Dad, Frank Hebert was CO of LCI 983 shortly after WWII. You can see the website about the trip, here: i/LCI983/

I have a LOT of pictures from that trip that I've scanned. They're mostly scenes from various Micronesian islands, but there may be a few more of the ship, itself. PLease contact me if you want more.

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